Are Lays Chips Gluten Free
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Are Lays Chips Gluten Free? One of the top snack brands in America is now offering a new line of gluten free snacks. Are Lays Chips Gluten Free? Find out here!

If you love Lay’s chips as much as we do, you’re going to love this new announcement from one of the top snack brands in America.

No, we’re not talking about Doritos or Tostitos here. We’re talking about iconic potato chip brand, Lays.

The company has officially announced that they are entering the gluten free snack market with their first line of products on shelves starting in August 2019. What makes this news so exciting for those who can’t eat gluten?

Well, besides the obvious fact that it means there will be more options available soon than ever before, it also means that more people can enjoy these amazing chips without having to worry about hidden wheat or other allergenic ingredients.

But what is it exactly that makes Lay’s so different from other potato chip brands? Are they really worth getting excited over? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this new announcement and whether now is the right time to stock up on your favorite snacks…

What is Lay’s?

Lay’s is a brand of potato chips made by the potato chip giant, the Lay’s Company. Founded in the 1920s, the Lay’s Company makes a variety of potato products including corn chips, pretzels, cookies, and other snacks.

Like other potato chip brands, Lay’s is made from starchy potatoes that are sliced, dried, and then fried. Unlike other potato chip brands, though, Lay’s is one of the most popular brands in America.

Now, the Lay’s Company has launched a new line of gluten free potato chips that are ideal for people who need to avoid gluten.

New Lay’s Chips Will Be Gluten Free

Back in February 2019, Lay’s announced that they would be launching a new line of gluten free potato chips.

These chips will be the first Lay’s chips to be labeled as gluten free. With the launch of these new gluten free Lay’s chips, the Lay’s Company is now offering three different gluten free snack options.

In addition to the new gluten free potato chips, Lay’s also offers gluten free crackers and pretzels. These gluten free potato chips are made with a special kind of rice starch that is grown in a gluten free environment.

Unlike regular corn starch, which is known to sometimes contain traces of wheat, this rice starch is completely gluten free. This rice starch is then mixed with the potatoes in a special way to create the Lay’s signature taste.

Why Is Lay’s Selling Gluten Free Snacks?

Lay’s brings gluten free chips to the market at a time when people with gluten intolerance are looking for alternatives to wheat-based snacks. With the growing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets, many people with gluten intolerances are now turning to these diets and dropping off snacks that contain wheat and other gluten-containing ingredients.

For these people, it can be frustrating not being able to enjoy the snacks they love. Perhaps they miss the crunchiness that comes with a crunchy chip, the taste of a pretzel, or the texture of a soft, chewy cracker.

For these people, gluten free alternatives might not be enough. They might want a snack that is completely free of wheat, barley, rye, or other allergenic ingredients. That’s where Lay’s gluten free chips come in.

Are Lay’s Chips Good for Those With Celiac Disease?

Yes! Although Lay’s potato chips are now labeled gluten free, the rice starch used to create these chips is completely gluten free and suitable for those with celiac disease. Lay’s has been selling gluten free potato chips for years, which means they have been sensitive to gluten-free regulations since the beginning.

With new products like these gluten free Lay’s chips, the Lay’s Company is demonstrating that they are committed to providing options for those who are sensitive to gluten. That’s a big step toward making gluten free products more accessible to everyone.

Why Aren’t Other Potato Chips Selling GF?

Potato chips are one of the more common snack foods in the US. Like Lay’s, most other potato chip brands are not currently selling gluten free products. That might change in the future, but for now, most potato chip brands are not making gluten free products.

We don’t know for sure why this is, but it’s possible that many potato chip brands are not aware of the gluten free market. Additionally, it’s possible that some potato chip brands don’t want to spend the money on creating gluten free products because they aren’t profitable enough to justify the cost.

Potato chips are relatively cheap to make, so it’s possible that it just doesn’t make economic sense for potato chip companies to make gluten free products. That’s why Lay’s potato chips are so exciting. They are only one of a few potato chip brands that are selling gluten free products right now.

Where to Buy Lay’s Chips Online?

With the new gluten free Lay’s chips on shelves, you’ll be lucky to find them at your local grocery store or convenience store.

That’s because these chips are not yet widely available. If you want to snag some of these new Lay’s chips for yourself, or for a friend or family member who can’t eat gluten, you’ll want to keep an eye out for them at your local grocery store or convenience store.

As the Lay’s Company begins to ramp up production of their new gluten free chips, it’s likely that they will become more available online. Once they are readily available online, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Final Words

One of the best parts of life is eating delicious food. Eating delicious food while staying healthy is even better! With the new Lay’s chips on the market, you don’t have to worry about accidentally eating wheat if you’re gluten intolerant.

These chips are safe for you to enjoy. Lay’s gluten free chips are an incredible new addition to the snack market.

These chips are made with safe for you to enjoy, and they are completely free of wheat and other allergenic ingredients.

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